The Art of Natural Restoration

Follow a personalised programme to feel well in your body, your skin and your life. Work in harmony with your unique constitution and environment over the seasons to consolidate your health and support your body naturally.

Individual consultations and personalised Ayurveda Dietary & Lifestyle programmes can be beneficial for:

  • Consolidate, maintain and preserve your health and energy harmoniously.
  • Live better with chronic diseases such as: insomnia, digestive disorders, autoimmune, hormonal disorders, skin diseases etc
  • Lose weight by a gentle, healthy and re-balancing method.


  • Initial assessment session: £50 (Up to 1h30)
  • Standard Session: £35 (50 min)
  • Wellness Package 3 sessions(incl initial assessment): £100 to be taken within 10 weeks

For your first appointment, book the Initial assessment session (1h30) to perform a complete health check. For subsequent visits, book the Standard Session (50 minutes)

Cancellation fees: In case of cancellation, a 24-hour notice must be respected, otherwise the full rate will be charged.

Location and reservation:

  • Consultations by appointments only at therapist consultation room in Cardiff
To book or for more information, contact Émilie: or 07776380098

How it works:

  • During the first consultation, a complete health check is made through a variety of techniques and observations, which include examining the pulse, tongue, temperature, and other forms of body Ayurvedic methods. An in-depth evaluation of diet and lifestyle, an analysis of mental and emotional states, as well as a very detailed take of your history will also be required.
  • After an initial consultation, we will put in place simple, natural and personalised solution to act on the body and gently regain its well-being and energy. An appropriate Dinacharya (lifestyle and diet) will be given to you to follow. A written version will be included allowing you to apply it at home between sessions.
  • We usually meet 2 to 3 weeks after this initial consultation to establish a follow-up and a review to adapt the programme and develop your confidence.
  • After that, we usually meet every month or every 4-6 weeks or more depending on your needs.

Class Details

Emilie Evans
Initial Assessment
£50 (Up to 1h30m)
Standard Session
£35 (Up to 50m)
Wellness Package
£100 (3 sessions)