Corporate Yoga Classes in Cardiff

Yoga classes at workplaces support and enhance the well-being of your staff. They are designed to suit the physical and mental needs of employees to help relieve tension, release aches and pains, therefore improving your employee’s welfare.

Class size varies depending on your needs and the space available on your site.

What’s needed:

  • A warm, quiet and comfortable space large enough to be used for this purpose (meeting room, canteen, gym, etc.)
  • A yoga mat and block for each participant

Yoga classes include:

  • Yoga postures to relieve the ailments that usually arise from sedentary work in an office to stretch, strengthen and tone the whole body.
  • Anti-stress breathing techniques.
  • Mindfulness meditation for clarity and concentration.

All courses are taught so that everyone can participate, regardless of experience or ability.

I am a certified 1000 hours yoga practitioner, hold a liability insurance and trained in emergency first aid.

I have been working in partnership with the Cardiff university students union, Kwerk Paris, Gimmini and local authorities.

To book or for more information, contact Émilie: or 07776380098

Class Details

Emilie Evans
Relaxation, Postures, Mindfulness, Anti-Stress
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